Discover the Lionheart Seasons™️ Collection, a new and innovative customizable collection.

This collection is inspired by the seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and fall.
With Lionheart Seasons™️ Collection, you can embrace the changing seasons and allow yourself to grow and evolve with them. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your outfit or simply style the charms without a gemstone disc, this collection offers something for everyone.
Each piece is designed to be timeless, versatile, and perfect for any occasion.

Interchangeable charms are a versatile and fun way to customize your jewelry collection. With these charms, you can easily change up your look by swapping out one gemstone disc for another, without having to invest in a whole new piece of jewelry.

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The Cassandane Collection is inspired by Queen Cassandane from the Great Persian Empire. More specifically the everlasting love between the Queen and Cyrus the Great. These gorgeously handcrafted fluted charms and beaded border are inspired by vintage heirlooms, and are symbolic of a bursting love. Here is a tale of two lovers.  

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Wings of love

Our ‘Wings of Love’ collection is inspired by our greatest love, our mormor ‘grandmother’, who taught us to always lead with love and be as free spirited as a bird.

Her fascination with birds derived from their beauty, their purpose, & their symbolic representation that they are forever free.

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 The inspiration for Bonbon derives from the sister’s love for candy. The colors and textures of these charms are reimagined from their favorite childhood hard candies. Denmark has a huge candy culture, in fact – they have “Fredags Slik” so Fridays are devoted to candy & hygge. The Cabochon gemstones take shape just like bonbon. This collection aims to celebrate life, beauty, and all that is sweet.

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All things Joy

In this collection, we celebrate all the things that bring us Joy: Lucky Charms, Diamonds, Textures & Colors.

A wonderful collection that celebrates the things that bring us happiness and positivity. Lucky charms, such as horseshoes and four leaf clovers are symbols of luck and fortune. Diamonds are known for their beauty and brilliance. Textures and colors add depth and dimension to the jewelry, creating unique and eye-catching pieces.

This collection embraces a joyful and celebratory spirit, offering a range of pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift or a new addition to your own jewelry collection, it’s always exciting to discover pieces that reflect the things that bring you joy.

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With Love from Denmark

Inspired by the past, reflections for the future; Mementos & memories collected along our path.

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Inlay Jewelry

An inlay gemstone collection.

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The Serenity Amulet Collection is designed to serve as symbols for various desires and needs, such as protection, beauty, love, and manifestation. Serenity amulets draw inspiration from ancient talismans and lucky charms, which were believed to hold special powers and offer good fortune to those who possessed them. The idea behind the amulets is to allow you to connect with your desires and intentions, and to serve as a reminder of the power of positive energy and manifestation. 

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Discover the Lionheart Treasures Collection. Handcrafted in 18K high quality gold, this collection is designed to be bold and make a statement. 

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COIN Medallions

Gold coin medallions, steeped in history, carry tales of significance and timeless allure. Once currency in diverse civilizations, these miniature treasures now transcend their monetary roots, embodying craftsmanship and cultural richness. Each medallion whispers a story, connecting the wearer to a legacy of prosperity and historical splendor.

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